Box Dye -Dye or Not to Dye

Box Dye – Dye or Not To Dye

I spend a lot of time educating clients in the salon. I want every person that I have the pleasure of serving to leave me with a better understanding of what I do, why I do it, and the value that continuing to trust a salon professional like me really brings to their life (and their hair).  One of the things we talk about is the use of box dyes.  There are many reasons to use them, but there are far better reasons not to. Let’s explore…

Box dyes are easy to come by. You can find them at the supermarket, drug store, your local Walmart or Target, I’ve even seen them in the dollar store! It’s fair to say they are completely accessible to the average person, making it convenient. When you make the big decision to change your hair color on a Sunday night at 8, you can grab a color and get it done. When you pick out your color, which no doubt promises full-coverage with true tone and long lasting results, you assuredly feel like this is a decision you could never regret. You grab a box of bright red color to throw over your previously colored dark auburn brown hair and rush home to get to work. You follow all of the directions…you even wear those little plastic gloves that are stuck to the directions…and here’s what you get; you get about 1.5 inches of bright red color, pretty close to what the picture on the box promised, and the rest is a deep muddy red/brown that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

Had you chosen to call a licensed hair stylist, we would have gone another route to get your desired results. After your in depth consultation and a full understanding of your hair’s history, we would have used one of many techniques to prepare your previously colored hair to receive the shade you like.  We have all the tools and knowledge to formulate for your specific hair needs and may likely need to create 2-3 custom formulas to get you that beautiful red you wanted. Perhaps your goals need a multi-step approach. We can advise you on the steps needed to keep your hair healthy as we work toward your color goals.

You see, my goal is not to shame you for choosing a more “wallet friendly” option. My goal is to inform you that there are laws of hair color that we all must follow in order to get your desired result. Lucky for you, hairstylists know those rules and WANT to help you go from point A to point B in the most seamless way possible. An added bonus is to see your confidence skyrocket with just 1 appointment. 

Wishing you Nothing But Happy Hair Days!