A Woman Sits In A Hairdresser And Chooses A Color For Hair Color

Exactly What is a “Color Correction”?

Simply put, a Color Correction is what we classify an appointment that involves (a) removing  color from previously colored hair or (b) fixing previously appointed color that didn’t come out exactly the way you wanted it to.  This applies to both professionally applied color as well as the stuff you can get at the store.  If we have to fix it or remove it, we have to be able to pull as many tools out of the toolbox as we need!

When you mess it all up over a bottle of wine on a Friday night, fight the urge to buy a box of black dye to cover it all up, and call your local salon professional, you undoubtedly have the sense that you may not know how to do this without compromising your hair. Your new stylist, who comes highly recommended, invites you into the salon for a free consultation, and informs you that you will need a “color correction”, at $100 – $150 an hour and no doubt, this process will be anywhere from 4-8 hours to correct depending on hair length and condition. 

Money is usually the deciding factor in whether you let us fix this and save your hair, or you try to take on the challenge yourself.  Here’s the truth though… you need me to fix this for you…unless you want a pixie.

The moral of this story is to call a professional to start with and we won’t have to go down the Color Correction Road!

Wishing you Nothing But Happy Hair Days!

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