platinum blonde

Going Platinum in One Visit

You can’t get Platinum in one visit unless you fall into one of the following categories: 

  1.  You have naturally light hair and have never colored it. 
  1.  You have been lightening your hair gradually over time and are ready for the final step.
  1. You want to cut it all off (in this case the health of your hair is a non-issue).
  1.  You (and your stylist) have all day, and have planned for the many hours of Color Correction, or 
  1.  You have a Genie and don’t mind giving up one of those three wishes.   

Here’s the truth on this matter;  we’ve (mostly) all done some stuff to our hair.  Your “Hair History” like former color, highlights or dreaded Box color makes a huge difference in the tools we hairdressers have to pull out of our toolbox to get you to that coveted “white” blonde.  Instead of giving into that craving for instant gratification, maybe you can opt for the slower, safer route and let us (professional hairstylists) guide you.   

Here are some of the perks of taking the slow road to Platinum: 

  1. You will have a new look every 4-6 weeks, keeping it new and fresh on the road to your desired end result 
  1. You will maintain healthy and long lasting looks by not over-processing your hair 
  1. You can spread the time investment and cost out over several visits instead of tryin to cram it all in at once 
  1. You will build a lasting relationship with your stylist who can guide you through any hair situation you need him/her to 

Any way you decide to go, I encourage you to see a salon professional to achieve your Platinum Blonde. 

Wishing you Nothing But Happy Hair Days!