Scissors and combs for cutting people's hair

If You Cut It, It Will Grow

I know we have all been confused by a hairdresser when they’ve told us that in order to grow our hair longer, healthier or fuller, we need to cut it. This seems like the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do! I’d like to spend a little time explaining why this statement is so commonly made and what we are REALLY trying to tell you!

The average, healthy human will grow approximately 1/4 – 1/2 inch of hair each month. This is a general statement and of course there are exceptions to every rule. Let’s just say you want to grow your hair “just passed your shoulders”. If you’re starting from a “Bob”, you’re looking to gain about 3-4 inches. If we calculated that, it will take you anywhere from six to twelve months to accomplish this goal. This can be true as long as your hair is extremely healthy. 

We maintain health with regular trims, professional treatments and limiting color services that are “drying or damaging” (usually the ones done at home). You see, dryness is the first thing we look for when we are recommending how much of a trim you need. It’s the first thing that happens before the breakage. If we can keep your hair healthy, we can keep the split-ends at bay. When we can keep the split ends at bay, that’s how we keep the damage from working its way up your hair shaft.

In our salon, we have a philosophy; each time you get a color service, we recommend that you either “Trim It or Treat It”.  Either of these in-salon options are great to help you achieve your long hair goals!

Wishing you Nothing But Happy Hair Days!