Women with a blowout wearing a pink shirt

The Power of the Professional Blowout

I know you’ve seen them…the little old ladies that come into the salon once a week.  They come in at the same time on the same day, week after week.  They get the same service and rarely let us do much else (maybe a color service from time to time).  But they mainly come in for the styling services.  Some ask why, some wonder and never ask, and then there’s that elite group, who totally get it!

The professional shampoo and style service is made to last!  With proper care, your style can easily last you a week.  We are especially skilled at cleansing your hair, preparing it for the desired style, and then providing the style that you hope to hold on to for several days (even up to a full week!).

Taking this task out of your daily routine can free you up for many other activities, like shopping, lunching with friends, or even just sitting down with a good book. Let us do your hair for you (in less time than it usually takes you)!

Wishing you Nothing But Happy Hair Days!